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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lichens from Halland, Sweden - first collage...

One of my hobbies is to find, photograph and identify lichens...
Here is a small selection of lichens I found during my trip in Sweden.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family traditions for Christmas...Familientradition zu Weihnachten...

Hope you have time to enjoy the weekend!!
Herzlichen Gruss zum 3. Advent.
Every year before Christmas
I am sending the largest Nürnberger gingerbread box I can purchase online
from Lebkuchen Schmidt, Germany to my daughter and her family  in Sweden.
I know they will enjoy the wonderful Lebkuchen. Many years ago my grandmother gave me Elisenlebkuchen as a gift for Christmas. Still remember how wonderful they tasted.
Now I am a grandmother and give my grandchildren Lebkuchen for Christmas.
 Jedes Jahr, kurz vor dem ersten Adventsonntag, bestelle ich das größte Nürnberger Lebkuchenpaket von Lebkuchen Schmidt in Deutschland und sende es zu meiner Tochter und ihrer Familie in Schweden.
Ich weiß, dass sie die köstlichen Lebkuchen genießen werden.
Ich werde nie vergessen, wie gut die Elisenlebkuchen schmeckten, die ich von meiner Großmutter zu Weihnachten geschenkt bekam.
Jetzt bin ich eine Großmutter und schenke meinen Enkelkindern,
Nürnberger Lebkuchen zu Weihnachten. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Swedish Christmas Fair in Toronto - Tack så mycket!

Every year I try to visit the Swedisch Christmas Fair in Toronto organised by SWEA volunteers.
I love the beautiful decorations, food and the sound of Christmas music.

SWEA, Swedish Women's Educational Association Inc.,
is a global non-profit organization for Swedish speaking women who live or have lived abroad.
We gather to enjoy our Swedish language, background and culture.
SWEA is both a meeting point and a safety net with links all over the world,
making life abroad easier, providing support when arriving in a new place or when returning to the home land.

I bought this lovely bell wreath for our front hall.

Most of the lovely Christmas decorations are hand made by members of SWEA.
All proceeds are donated to charity.

This table included lovely swedish linens and other decorations.

Almost impossible to miss is the incredible selection of Swedish delicatessen.
My favourite Knäckebrot, Swedish Herrings and luxurious Caviar,
to appetizing Mussels, peeled Shrimps and delicious Spreads
as well as cookies and other baked goods is available to purchase.

Tack mycket!
Hoppas att besöka mässan nästa år igen.

Thank you very much!!
Hope to visit the show next year again.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 in review - 2008 ein Rückblick

After a very cold January..we enjoyed a trip to the Carribean with sun, warm breezes and beautiful flowers.

Nach einem kalten Januar. eine Reise in die Karibik erfreute uns mit Sonne, Wind und herrlichen Blumen.

In March, I visited 'Canada Blooms' flowershow and exhibition.
Im März, besuchte ich 'Canada Blooms' Blumenaustellung.

In April, the first Daffodils bloomed and I planted some colourful pansies in the garden.
Max, our cat enjoyed the warm spring sunshine as well.

Im April blühten die ersten Osterglocken und ich pflanzte bunte Stiefmütterchen im Garten.
Max, unser Kater genoss die warme Frühligssonne sehr.

More spring pictures from May 2008... Noch ein paar Frühlingsfotos vom Mai 2008..

Finally im June, I was able to view the beautiful flowers and plants in the garden.
Endlich im Juni konnte ich meine herrlichen Blumen und Pflanzen bewundern.

July - August 2008

Rose of Sharon, Sedum and the first "Winky Pinky" Hydrangea flowers bloomed.

More summer pictures..

Flower impressions from our trip to Germany and Sweden!
Many beautiful gardens and farmers markets displayed a variety of plants and flowers.
I loved all the flowers and enjoy looking at my pictures from our journey.
Blumen Impressionen von unserer Reise nach Deutschland und Schweden.
Viele herrliche Gärten und Märkte zeigten eine grosse Anzahl von verschiedenen Pflanzen und Blumen. Mir gefielen alle Blumen und ich betrachte jetzt gern die Fotos von unserer Reise.

I created my first fall decorations, a wreath with Hydrangea and Sedum flowers!
The wreath decorated the front of our house until December.
Max, our cat is always close by to watch my activities.

Ich habe meinen ersten Herbstkranz mit Blüten von Hortensien und Fetthennen hergestellt.
Er verzierte unseren Hauseingang bis kurz vor die Adventszeit.
Max, unsere Katze ist immer in der Nähe und beobachtet meine Aktivitäten.

Summer passed quickly, temperatures arguably too cool, and there was much rain. Autumn was the most agreeable season with warm temperatures, clear blue skies, and mother Nature presented her magically tinted forests.
Pictures shows the beautiful coloured maple trees in region of the Kawarthas, Ontario.

Der Sommer verging viel zu schnell, Temperaturen waren zu kühl und es regnete viel. Der Herbst war die beste Zeit mit warmen Temperaturen, klarer blauer Himmel und die Natur zeigte uns die herrliche bunten Wälder.
Die Fotos zeigen die bunt gefärbten Ahornbäume der Kawarthas in Ontario.

Late fall provided many warm colours in our garden.
In unserem Garten zeigte der Spätherbst noch einmal seine warmen Farben.

New decoration for our front door. With a few cedar sprigs and some oat grass the red heart looks lovely and greets our visitors. The decorative container arangements show many different elements. Some items I collected during my hikes along the bluffs. The colourful cabbages add some more interest too.

Neue Dekoration für unseren Hauseingang. Das rote Herz wurde mit kleine Zedernästchen und Seegrass dekoriert. Es begrüsst nun unsere Gäste. Die beiden Pflanzkörbe und Zinkwanne zeigen viele unterschiedliche Materialen. Viel davon habe ich während meinen Wanderungen gesammelt. Der Winterkohl bringt noch mehr Farbe dazu.

November 2008.

The first snowfall in Guildwood.. Der erste Schneefall in Guildwood.

December 2008
As we celebrate the last Sunday of Advent, Christmas and New Year's Eve
I wish you all the Best !!
Please come back for a visit and join me on my journey through 2009.
Wir feiern den bald den 4. Advent, Weihnachten und Sylvester.
Ich wünsche Euch allen ein frohes Fest
und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr.
Freue mich über alle Besuche und hoffe, dass Ihr mich wieder begleitet,
bei meinen Wanderungen durch 2009.

Zu Neujahr
Will das Glück nach seinem Sinn
Dir was Gutes schenken,
Sage Dank und nimm es hin
Ohne viel Bedenken.
Jede Gabe sei begrüßt,
Doch vor allen Dingen:
Das, worum du dich bemühst,
Möge dir gelingen.

Wilhelm Busch, (1832 - 1908),

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 TODAY'S FLOWERS posts with Christmas pictures and Flowers




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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September days are here..Sunflowers ...

(click to enlarge)
This picture is for my grandchildren Ella, Yoel and Daniel in Sweden.

"By all these lovely tokens September days are here
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer."-

(Author Unknown)
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

cat Kevin was found and is home again...

Finally..some good news to share with you all!!
Daniel is my oldest grandson and lives in Varberg, Sweden.
Last year he found a tiny stray kitten under one of the cars belonging to a car dealer ship in Varberg.
Daniel took the cat home und named him Kevin.
It was Daniel's cat he loved and cared for.
One day Kevin just disappeared.
Nobody knew what happened to him.
Today my daughter noticed a black and white cat close by eating grass.
After a second was Kevin.. skinny, dirty, scratched up and very hungry.
Now he is home safe and sound.
The family is happy including Grandma...
Kevin is home again....

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

more Advent decorations around the fireplace

This handmade candle holder is from Sweden, the golden star from Germany.

Auf dem Wandteller ist die Kirche
in Sausenhofen - Dittenheim, Mittelfranken, Bayern, Deutschland zu sehen.
Wall plate shows the Church in Sausenhofen, Bavaria, Germany.

Arrangement is created with spruce cones and dried Annabelle hydrangea and Allium flowerheads.
Weihnachtsgesteck mit Tannenzapfen beinhaltet auch Trockenblüten der Annabelle Hortensie und Allium.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

cat picture from Sweden..this is Kevin..

Cat taking a nap.. dreaming about a mouse or tuna for dinner?

Kevin belongs to my grandson Daniel, who lives in Varberg, Sweden.

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