Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kolb Park, Kitchener


The Trail will run 76 kilometers in the proximity of the Grand River through Kitchener, ... 
The Kolb Family in Waterloo deeded the land now known as Kolb Park.

Point Clark Lighthouse National Historic Site

Standing guard on the shores of Lake Huron, the Point Clark Lighthouse, built between 1855 and 1859, is part of an important system of “Imperial” lighthouses on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Visit the still-functioning 24 m/78 ft limestone tower to see the 12-sided lantern that shines a bright light on the historical significance of lighthouses to Great Lakes navigation. 

Hackberry Psyllids - Pachypsylla

Recently discovered in my neighbourhood.

Jumping plant lice or psyllids form the family Psyllidae of small plant-feeding insects that tend to be very host-specific, i.e. each plant-louse species only feeds on one plant species (monophagous) or feeds on a few closely related plants (oligophagous). Together with aphids, phylloxerans, scale insects and whiteflies, they form the group called Sternorrhyncha, which is considered to be the most "primitive" group within the true bugs (Hemiptera). (wikipedia)


                                                       Hackberry Psyllid - Pachypsylla