Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lichens from Halland, Sweden - first collage...

One of my hobbies is to find, photograph and identify lichens...
Here is a small selection of lichens I found during my trip in Sweden.

From my Sweden trip to Smögen

                                 Smögen is a beautiful small village with breath taking views. 
                                               Located in Västra Götaland County, Sweden 
                                 It is one of the liveliest "summer towns" of the Swedish west coast. 

Getterön - Naturum... a great place for bird watchers

Getterön is one of Northern Europe´s fantastic bird sites,
located  about 2 km north of the centre of Varberg, 
in the province of Halland, west coast of Sweden. 
The wetlands are an eldorado for bird and bird watchers.
 About 170 species regularly breed or rest here during migration. 
In addition to these, a large number of migrating birds visit. 
Over 300 species have been recorded at the Getterön Naturum centre.
The nature centre features viewing stations allowing visitors 
the use of bird watching and  spotting scopes.

City of Varberg, Sweden