Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday trip to Elora

The distance from Waterloo to Elora is 30 km.

 Love to explore my new surroundings and this time I drove to Elora.  This small town has a wonderful, spectacular conservation area including the well known Elora Gorge with it's limestone cliffs. Hiking through the Elora Gorge is a must for everyone visiting Elora. 
I walked along the Grand River covered with ice patches, enjoyed the blue sky and sunshine on a lovely December day. 
Here are my first pictures..

Shown in my pictures : Japanese Barberry
Barberry, Berberry, Thunberg’s barberry, named after Carl Thunberg, 
a Swedish naturalist and student of Carolus Linnaeus
Japanese barberry is very invasive in North America. 

There is something infinitely healing 
                                                   in the repeated refrains of nature--
                                                      the assurance that dawn comes after night...