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Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern

Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern!!

Huhn oder Ei?
"Die Gelehrten und die Pfaffen
streiten sich mit viel Geschrei,
was hat Gott zuerst erschaffen -
wohl die Henne, wohl das Ei!
Wäre das so schwer zu lösen -
erstlich ward ein Ei erdacht,
doch weil noch kein Huhn gewesen -
darum hat's der Has gebracht."
(Eduard Mörike)


Chicken or Egg?

"The scientists and the priests
argue with a lot of shouting,
what God created first -
probably the hen, probably the egg!
Would that be so difficult to solve -
first, an egg was devised
but as yet not been a chicken -
that's why the hare brought it."
The Easter bunny was introduced to American folklore by the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 1700s.
The arrival of the "Oschter Haws" was considered "childhood's greatest pleasure" next to a visit from Christ-Kindel on Christmas Eve.
The children believed that if they were good the "Oschter Haws" would lay a nest of coloured eggs.The children would build their nest in a secluded place in the home, the barn or the garden. Boys would use their caps and girls their bonnets to make the nests . The use of elaborate Easter baskets came later as the tradition of the Easter bunny spread through out the country.

The spirit of Easter is all about ...
Hope, Love and Joy-full living.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.

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