Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Incarvillea delavayi - hardy gloxinia - Gartengloxinie

INCARVILLEA - delavayi
Incarvillea delavayi, hardy gloxinia. 12 - 24". Hardy gloxinia is a beautiful plant with low growing clumps of glossy, deeply divided leaves from which arise upright stalks carrying rich rosy-red, trumpet shaped flowers. 

I purchased 5 Incarvillea bulbs at the 2012 Canada Blooms flower show  in March with a lot of sceptism. Planted the bulbs in early April and waited patiently. Surprise, surprise... The Flowers are beautiful and I love them.
Im Gärtner-Blog  wird die Gartengloxinie ausführlich beschrieben:

Incarvillea is a genus of 16 species of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to central and eastern Asia, with most of the species growing at high altitudes in the Himalaya and Tibet. The most familiar species is Incarvillea delavayi, a garden plant commonly known as "hardy gloxinia" or "Chinese trumpet flower". Unlike most other members of Bignoniaceae, which are usually trees or lianas, species of Incarvillea are stemless perennial herbs with fleshy tuberous roots.
Incarvillea is named after the french jesuit, 
Pierre Nicholas Le Chéron d'Incarville.
pictures: guild-rez 2012
Finally,  pillows on the bench.
How cute ...  El Presidente on his throne!
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