Saturday, May 15, 2010

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Polygonatum pubescens, Solomon's seal - Salomonssiegel

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We often overlook our beautiful Ontario wildflowers.
When I walk in our parks or along the shoreline of Lake of Ontario
I am always elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in spring.

Ontario wildflower - Solomon's seal

Polygonatum pubescens, Solomon's seal;
french: sceau-de-Salomon pubescent;
Ojibway (Anishinabe): naaniibide'oodegin;
belongs to the Ruscaceae - Lily-of-the-valley Family
Flowers green to green-cream white. Berries blue-black. Plant 1 to 3 feet in height.
Can be found in Southeastern Canada and southward to Iowa in the west and Georgia in the east.
Flowering period: May to June.
Photographed in Toronto, Canada 2010/05/12 - guild-rez
Die herrlichen Wildblumen werden oftmals übersehen!!
Die Weißwurze (Polygonatum), einzelne Arten auch Salomonssiegel oder Gelenkwurze genannt,
sind eine Pflanzengattung der Familie der Mäusedorngewächse (Ruscaceae).
Sie umfasst etwa 60 Arten, die in den gemäßigten Zonen der Nordhalbkugel wachsen.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Malus - crabapple trees bloom in front of our house...

Time to shine..
Our crabapple trees in Guildwood are in full bloom.
There are few plants that create greater intrigue or visual impact during all four seasons than the flowering crab apple. In the spring all eyes are enticed with delicate colors offered by emerging leaves and buds.
Unopened flower buds may hint of one color and as flowers open, other hues are revealed in a spectacular floral display.As flowers fade the rich foliage offers another subtle contribution to the landscape.
Blossom colors range from pearly white through delicate pinks to a deep red.
There are even cultivars with coral or salmon colored flowers.

"Crab Apple" is the common name for species of wild and cultivated fruit trees of the Rose family. The bright red to yellow, small, acidic fruit of several species is used in cooking, jellies in particular. Several species are cultivated as ornamentals for their showy blossoms. Crab apple trees vary in height from about 0.9 m to more than 11.2 m. Some species include: the American crab, Malus coronaria; the Siberian crab, Malus baccata and the Prairie crab, Malus ioensis; these all have pinkish blossoms fading to white.
Medium-size trees include: the Japanese flowering crab, Malus floribunda, and the Showy crab, Malus spectabilis, which bear large red to pink blossoms.
Smaller species include: the Siebold crab, Malus sieboldi, with bluish-pink blossoms.

reference wikipedia
pictures: guild-rez 2010/05/11

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caltha palustris (Kingcup, Marsh Marigold or Cowslip) - Dotterblumen

Today,  I photographed the pictures of
Caltha palustris (Kingcup, Marsh Marigold or Cowslip)
after a very stormy weather over the weekend  in our Guildwood Park.
The plants are a herbaceous perennial plant of the buttercup family,
native to marshes, ditches and wet woods in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
In North America Caltha palustris is sometimes known as cowslip.
However, cowslip more often refers to Primula veris, the original plant to go by that name.
Both are herbaceous plants with yellow flowers, but Primula veris is much smaller.

Die botanische Artbezeichnung für diesen Vertreter aus der Gattung der Dotterblumen (Caltha) „palustris“ (von lateinisch „palus“ = Sumpf) weist daraufhin, dass die Sumpfdotterblume an feuchten Standorten zu finden ist.
Die volkstümlichen, deutschen Bezeichnungen spielen eher auf die goldgelbe Blütenfarbe an. Sie wird je nach Region auch als Schmalz-, Butter-, Eierblume, Wiesengold oder Goldrose bezeichnet.
Der häufigste volkstümliche Name ist jedoch Dotterblume.
In der Schweiz ist die Pflanze unter den Namen Bachbombele bekannt.

pictures: guild-rez 2010/05/11
other sources: wikipedia and
- Otto Wilhelm Thomé -
Flora von Deutschland Österreich und der Schweiz (1885)
Complete PDF-Version of this book available online.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

I am watching you... Die Augen einer Katze...

El Presidente II
I can observe a lot by just watching....
Die Augen einer Katze sind Fenster,
die uns in eine andere Welt blicken lassen.
(aus Irland)

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