Friday, April 17, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWERS - Erica carnea - Schneeheide

Flowers from around the world can be viewed here:
Happy Birthday Luiz Santilli Jr.

Pictures from the Toronto Botanical Garden, April 15th, 2009

Erica carnea (Winter heath, Winter Flowering Heather, or Spring heath; syn. E. herbacea, E. mediterranea) is a species of heath native to mountainous areas of central and southern Europe in the eastern Alps, where it grows in coniferous woodlands or stony slopes.
It is a low-growing subshrub reaching 10-25 cm tall, with evergreen needle-like leaves 4-8 mm long, borne in whorls of four. The flowers are produced in racemes in late winter to early spring, often starting to flower while the plant is still covered in snow; the individual flower is a slender bell-shape, 4-6 mm long, dark reddish-pink, rarely white.
The first published name for the species is Erica herbacea; however, the name E. carnea (published three pages later in the same book) is so widely used, and the earlier name so little used, that a formal proposal to conserve the name E. carnea over E. herbacea was accepted by the International Botanical Congress in 1999.
Cultivation and uses
It is very widely grown as an ornamental plant for its winter flowering; over 100 cultivars have been selected for variation in flower and leaf colour. Unlike most species of Erica, it is tolerant of limestone as well as acidic soils, making it an easier plant to grow in many areas.


Die Schneeheide, auch Winterheide oder Frühlingsheidekraut genannt, (Erica carnea, Syn.: Erica herbacea), ist eine im Gebirge Mittel- und Südeuropas heimische Pflanzenart der Gattung der Heidekräuter (Erica) aus der Familie der Heidekrautgewächse (Ericaceae).
Die Schneeheide ist leicht mit anderen Arten zu verwechseln. Von der Besenheide (Calluna vulgaris) unterscheidet sie sich durch die nadelförmigen Blätter, die jeweils zu viert in Quirlen an den verholzten Stängeln sitzen und einen hellen, knorpeligen umgerollten Rand aufweisen. Von der ebenfalls ähnlichen Grauen Heide (Erica cinerea) unterscheidet sie sich von der Blütezeit, denn die Grauheide trägt ihre Blütentrauben von Juni bis August.

pictures by guild-rez 2009

information: Wikipedia GNU Free Documentation License

Enjoy the little things...Blooming Friday..

more signs of spring...

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.-
Robert Brault

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Early signs of spring...

In our Guildwood garden flowers, trees and birds are waiting for sun and warm weather!!

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