Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poker primula..primula vialii - Orchideen Primel

Last year I planted 15 Poker Primroses in groups between Hostas in our front of our house.
Ideal plant for my new garden - shade and acidic soil.
Hopefully they have survived the harsh winter.
Most people, seeing it for the first time, fail to recognize it as a primula at all, unless they happen to spot the leaves.

Poker Primrose - Chinese pagoda primrose ( primula vialii )
Partial shade to shade, acidic soil, moist soil, 60cm high and spreads 30cm.
Time to divide plants: September to April
This is a very striking plant, especially when seen grown in groups, with upright pokers of red-tipped lilac-pink flower in early and mid-summer. It is best grown in light woodland but, given suitably moist soil, will also thrive in a more open situation, such as the junction of a pond and rock garden, where the right set of growing conditions is reasonably easily provided. Plants look best growing in large groups on their own, with bark chippings and fallen logs, but also team well with good foliage plants such as hardy ferns and hostas.
They are found growing wild in moist mountain areas in China.

Die Orchideen Primel (primula vialii) ist eine verwandte der in Europa heimischen Schlüsselblume (primula veris) und der beliebten Garten Primeln (primula accaulis). Blüht von Juni bis September, wächst 0.60 meter hoch, ideal für einen feuchten Schattengarten oder am Teich. Herkunftsland ist China.
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