Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If you love Annabelle Hydrangeas...

A New Pink Flowered Annabelle Hydrangea
introduction Tim Wood - The Plant Hunter newsletter.

Invincibelle™ ‘Spirit’ Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens ‘Spirit’ ppaf, cbraf, pbraf)

Until now, the quest for a pink ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea was just a dream.

Today the dream is a reality;

introducing Invincibelle™ ‘Spirit’ Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens ‘Spirit’ ppaf, cbraf, pbraf),

the first ever pink flowered Hydrangea arborescens with a mop-head flowers.

Sold by the millions, ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea is the most recognized and best selling hydrangea in the world. It is iron clad, blooms reliably and can be grown from Mobile to Manitoba.

It is adaptable to many soil types and can be grown in full sun to fairly heavy shade.

Pruning and care is a no-brainer.

The only drawback - until now it only came in white.

Everyone has been waiting for pink and now we have it!
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The new Hydrangea will be available 2010 in Nurseries.

Order early by fall 2009!!

Invincibelle ‘Spirit’ will be available at retail under the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand in spring of 2010. In addition the plant will help in the fight against breast cancer.

Proven Winners will donate 5¢ from each purchase to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. BCRF is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. (For more about BCRF, visit

Sunday, January 4, 2009

TODAY'S FLOWER - Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

TODAY'S FLOWER - Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)
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Amaryllis is a monotypic (only one species) genus of plant also known as the Belladonna Lily or naked ladies.
The single species, Amaryllis belladonna, is a native of South Africa, particularly the rocky southwest region near the Cape.
It is often confused with the Hippeastrum, a flowering bulb commonly sold in the winter months for its propensity to bloom indoors.

The species was introduced into cultivation at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
However, most of the so-called Amaryllis bulbs sold as 'ready to bloom for the holidays' belong to the allied genus Hippeastrum, despite being labeled as 'Amaryllis' by sellers and nurseries.

Adding to the name confusion, some bulbs of other species with a similar growth and flowering pattern are also sometimes called by another common name for this plant, "naked ladies", even though those species have their own more widely used and accepted common names, such as the Resurrection Lily (Lycoris squamigera).

Die Gattung Amaryllis war ursprünglich von Carl von Linné (Carl Linnaeus) weit breiter gefasst worden als heute.

Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts kam es zu einer Aufspaltung dieser Gattung, wobei der wissenschaftliche Name Amaryllis auf die aus der kapnahen Bergregion Südafrikas stammende Belladonnalilie (Amaryllis belladonna) eingeschränkt wurde.

Umgangssprachlich und auch im Pflanzenhandel werden aber auch heute noch weitere Arten der früheren Großgattung als „Amaryllis“ bezeichnet, insbesondere die aus Südamerika stammenden Arten der Rittersterne (Hippeastrum).

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