Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blooming Friday - Cyclamen (Persian Violet, Poor Man’s Orchid)

Katarina from Roses and stuff
invited me to participate in her
new meme for Fridays - Blooming Friday.
Here is my first flower: Cyclamen.

Cyclamen are native to the Mediterranean and North Africa and are members of the primrose family. They are known for their striking, beautiful deep green leaves that have creamy marbled patterns and shading. The leaves can be kidney-shaped, round or heart-shaped. Dainty flowers that look as if they’ve been turned inside out perch high above the leaves on long sturdy stems. Cyclamen come in a variety of colours from pale pinks to deep fuchsia, intense red and pristine white. They’re commonly sold in supermarkets, retail stores and florist shops, and their immense popularity continues to grow.

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we got snow in Guildwood..

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating;
there is no such thing as bad weather just different kinds of good weather.
- John Ruskin

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cats and catmint ..Katzen und Katzeminze (Nepeta x faassenii)

Nepeta is a genus of about 250 species of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae.
The members of this group are known as catnip or catmint because of their famed effect on cats. The scent of the plant has a stimulating effect on cats. Other plants that also have this effect on cats include valerian (Valeriana officinalis). During the summer Max our cat, loves his catnip fresh from garden or dried leaves during the winter.
The genus is native to Europe, Asia and Africa, with the highest species diversity in the Mediterranean region east to mainland China. It is now also common in North America. Most of the species are herbaceous perennial plants, but some are annuals. They have sturdy stems with opposite heart-shaped, green to grayish-green leaves. The flowers are white, blue, pink or lilac and occur in several clusters toward the tip of the stems.
The flowers are tubular and spotted with tiny purple dots.
Providing food for bees and other insects as well.

Katzenminze (Nepeta x faassenii) ist ein unermüdlicher Dauerblüher,
eine wertvolle Pflanze für Bienen und andere Insekten.
Die Katzenminze hat eine stimulierende Wirkung auf Katzen,
die die Pflanze fressen und sich mit sichtlichem Vergnügen darin welzen.
Unser Kater Max liebt seine Katzenminze ebenfalls.
Im Sommer, frisch aus dem Garten und im Winter
wird an den getrockneten Blätter geknappert.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ornamental cabbages and kales can produce
brilliant foliage in many colours often lasting until Christmas.

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