Monday, February 4, 2008

gone's party time..

It is time to leave the snow and cold weather behind...

take a cruise to the sunny side of the world..

enjoy the view over the warm carribean ocean ...

visit tropical islands, watching birds, swim in the ocean and enjoy the sun...

and take a lot of pictures for my blog..
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

cat Kevin was found and is home again...

Finally..some good news to share with you all!!
Daniel is my oldest grandson and lives in Varberg, Sweden.
Last year he found a tiny stray kitten under one of the cars belonging to a car dealer ship in Varberg.
Daniel took the cat home und named him Kevin.
It was Daniel's cat he loved and cared for.
One day Kevin just disappeared.
Nobody knew what happened to him.
Today my daughter noticed a black and white cat close by eating grass.
After a second was Kevin.. skinny, dirty, scratched up and very hungry.
Now he is home safe and sound.
The family is happy including Grandma...
Kevin is home again....

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