Friday, January 18, 2008

Morning Glory ..Prunkwinden

picture shown is Morning Glory Flying Saucer
a stunning display of color in my garden in 2007

1) Morning Glory - Flying Saucers
Unique with white stripes and very showy flowers about 8 cm (3") in diameter.
2) Cypress Vine white.
This vine produces masses of five pointed small white flowers.
A favorite with Hummingbirds.

1) Morning Glory Milky Way
A glorious climber features the purest white blooms
flanked by rich maroon striping.
2) Morning Glory Kniola's Black Knight
purple-black blooms with contrasting throats during the summer.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

flowers in our house..Garden Blogger's Bloom Day: January

Jodi from bloomingwriter inspired me to post the following pictures..

One of my few possession I brought to Canada
included this
beautiful ceramic plate
made in Germany.
The large framed ceramic piece of art is very special to me..
It is a present from my son Martin.
He knows, that his mom loves flowers.

something blooming to cheer me up....
Hyazinths (Hyacinthus) and Cyclamen (persicum)

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gedicht von Wilhelm Busch über einen verliebten Schmetterling

Zum 100. Todestag von Wilhelm Busch
Der Volksdichter, der Maler sein ist einer meiner Lieblings-Dichter.

Dieses Gedicht gehört dazu..

Gedicht von Wilhelm Busch über einen verliebten Schmetterling

Butterfly in Love translation in English at the end of the post.

Sie war ein Blümlein hübsch und fein,
Hell aufgeblüht im Sonnenschein.
Er war ein junger Schmetterling,
Der selig an der Blume hing.

Oft kam ein Bienlein mit Gebrumm
Und nascht und säuselt da herum.

Oft kroch ein Käfer kribbelkrab
Am hübschen Blümlein auf und ab.
Ach Gott, wie das dem Schmetterling
So schmerzlich durch die Seele ging.

Doch was am meisten ihn entsetzt,
Das Allerschlimmste kam zuletzt.
Ein alter Esel fraß die ganze
Von ihm so heißgeliebte Pflanze.
A Butterfly in Love

She was a flower, cute and fine
Blooming in the bright sunshine

He was a proud, young butterfly
Devoted hanging on the flower, high

Oft a bee came round to visit
And zoomed around the flower a bit

Oft a beetle crawled up and down
On the flower’s blooming crown

Oh God, how this pained the butterfly
His hurt then almost made him cry

But what really horrified him most
And was the worst,and then came last

An old ass ate the whole plant
He loved the most in all the land.

Wilhelm Busch 1883
Esel - Donkey picture from