Saturday, December 8, 2007

2. Advent..zwei Kerzen brennen.. we lit two candles


Advent marks the beginning of the christmas time and is celebrating the four Sundays before Christmas Eve.

It begins with quiet contemplative days, but excitement and activity increase as Christmas approaches, when people start to realize that they still need to buy presents for their family and friends.

The Advent Wreath (Adentskranz) is a very popular decoration in German homes.

It consists of a circular wreath of pine-branches with four candles on it.

On the first Advent ,

the first candle on the wreath is lit,

two candles are lit on the second,

three on he third and

four on the fourth Sunday,

immediately prior to Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

more Advent decorations around the fireplace

This handmade candle holder is from Sweden, the golden star from Germany.

Auf dem Wandteller ist die Kirche
in Sausenhofen - Dittenheim, Mittelfranken, Bayern, Deutschland zu sehen.
Wall plate shows the Church in Sausenhofen, Bavaria, Germany.

Arrangement is created with spruce cones and dried Annabelle hydrangea and Allium flowerheads.
Weihnachtsgesteck mit Tannenzapfen beinhaltet auch Trockenblüten der Annabelle Hortensie und Allium.
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