Thursday, May 17, 2007

flowering Crab Apple Tree

The blossom trees in the driveway are spectacular in spring.
The pale pink flowering Crab Apple are first, followed by this flowering Crab Apple with its dark pinky red blossom.

with small to larger fruit in the fall.. kleine Früchte im Herbst
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one more time...what is it?? Noch einmal...was ist es??

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

another special arrival in our garden.... Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea)

Scarlet Tanager (Piranga olivacea)

Length: 7 inches, Wingspan: 11.5 inches

Scarlet Tanagers are a very brightly colored bird of forests and woodlands in the eastern part of Canada and the USA.

Scarlet Tanagers, are long distance migrants, wintering in South America.

The brilliantly plumaged summer male undergoes a molt to the same olive green color as the female,
although it retains the black colored wings in all plumages.

Habitat: Forests and woodlands, preferably large unbroken deciduous tracts.
Seems especially fond of Oak and Pine in many areas.
Diet: Primarily insects, with some worms, snails, fruits, and berries.
Nesting: June and July

Migrations: Summers in the eastern half of Canada and the United States.
Winters in South America.
Similar Species: Western Tanager, Summer Tanager

Feeders: Will come for cut fruit, nectar, and baked goods.

Status: Requires large continuous forest blocks for successful breeding.

Probably in decline in highly fragmented landscapes.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

delivery of cedar mulch and triple soil mix

Just before the storm arrived tw0 cubic yards of cedar mulch and triple soil mix arrived in the afternoon. We covered mulch and soil with another tarp.

Zwei qm Zedernmulch und gemischte Gartenerde wurde am Nachmittag geliefert. Mulch und Erde wurden sorgfältig abgedeckt. Am Abend kam der Wetterumschwung mit heftigen Gewittern und Regenfällen.

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about Orioles & Hummingbirds

Last year the Northern Oriole arrived daily at our Humming birdfeeder, chasing away the much smaller Hummingbirds.

Few weeks ago, I purchased a feeder at Lee Valley especially for the Orioles. The Oriole feeder is a nectar feeder designed specifically for orioles. Larger feeding ports and perches combine to make this ergonomically superior for these beautiful birds. No longer must they struggle for balance and a foothold on smaller Hummingbird feeders.

No success here, the bird ignored the Oriole feeder and is competing with Hummingbirds for the nectar.
I guess, I have to buy another Hummingbird feeder.

Today the Hummingbirds arrived in our backyard, what a wonderful sight.

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